Bathroom Innovations for Healthy Elderly

Blessed with long healthy lives people up into their nineties are living independently. It takes a level of maturity to do so as in knowing what things to let go and what things to keep. One of the major items that should be adapted for the independent elderly becomes the bathroom.

Tub Renovations

Getting in and out of a tub becomes more difficult as we age. Sometimes the elderly despite good health cannot lift the leg high enough to step into the tub. Slow balance issues arise. The mind thinks faster than what the body will respond causing falls. No worries though walk-in showers exist with powerful jets, bench seats, and hydrotherapy jets. For those that need the full submersion bath, then walk in tubs exist. Made with a small, door these tubs can have bench seating. Call your local bathroom renovations expert and find out all the options available today.

Grab Bars

Just grasping the hand around a bar secures a person’s balance. Strategically placing bars in the bathroom lets a person sustain balance. Putting grasping bars in the bedroom so healthy elderly can rise safely also helps.


Rising from a toilet seat can become an issue. An array of products exist that can elevate the toilet. Raising the seat height and offering a surface for secure handholds makes the process easier and falls less likely. Toilets with more height exist, but many products like cushioned toilet seats, or elevators that insert between floor and toilet can extend the height of your toilet now. The trick becomes finding the height that works best for your anatomy. Also, consider a toilet with a bidet. A bidet sprays water on the region toilet paper normally cleanses. If limited mobility prevents full toilet paper use, then a bidet toilet becomes a likely solution.…