Steps To Make A Magazine

 The magazine is an excellent means of communication to inform on different topics or in a specific area. Although when we hear his name almost always comes to mind the publications that we can find in kiosks and stationers, there are also professional journals, academic, and business and, ultimately, for more specialized and reduced audiences.

 Behind every magazine, there has been an idea previously. Someone or a team of people have decided to take the step of creating a public forum in which to disseminate information of general interest to the population or a specific audience. However, a magazine idea has to be well developed, argued and with an action plan that must contemplate different aspects, including graphic design. As it happens when printing catalogs, business cards, envelopes, brochures or flyers, among other products, these require a previous layout so that all its elements are printed and can be bound correctly What aspects should be considered?

Who Will Be My Primary Reader?

Before deciding on the design criteria of a journal, a series of questions should be answered to define its parameters and scope. First of all, we must specify what the profile of the public we want to address, that is, who we want to be the reader of our publication is. Having a well-defined target, it will be much easier for us to continue with the project and define the contents that will be incorporated, the style and, above all, the aesthetic or design criteria. It is not the same to publish a magazine for teenagers than for a reader between 40 and 60 years old.

 What Periodicity Will My Magazine Have?

How often will it be published? Generally, a magazine can be published biweekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. There are also some that make two editions a year and even one. Everything will depend on the type of magazine that we are doing and its pages (of sale to the public, by subscription, etc.) and above all of the availability of contents. An associative magazine, for example, will not have as much information at its disposal to be published every month. On the other hand, another publication with a topic of general interest or consumer and that is sold to the public, and surely it will be able to launch it to the market more frequently.…

What Program Can I Use To Design My Magazine?

The creative team or graphic designers will be responsible for making the basic layout or layout where the contents will be subsequently incorporated. It is always advisable to work from a base template that contains the design criteria previously agreed upon. For this, there are different editing software such as QuarkXPress, Adobe In Design, Freehand and other complementary that can also help us as Illustrator, Photoshop or CorelDraw, among others.

What Content Will My Magazine Have?

The writing team will be in charge of defining the information that will be published in the magazine according to its editorial line. The most usual thing is that all the staff of this department make editorial advice, directed by the editor and director of the publication, where they discuss and define the topics that are interesting for the audience before they are prepared. Every book, regardless of its periodicity, has to work with a closing date, that is, fix the day in which everything is finished (writing, design, etc.) in the calendar. Usually, when marking the time, individual variables are taken into account, such as the days that are needed for printing, finishing, handling, shipping, etc.